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Jun 25, 2019

The Travellers board the Nebula-class liner Boomerang and meet their fellow passengers. A murder ensues.

Winged Cat as the Referee
Newbiespud as Lad Infernum
DreadPriest as Davven Johnson
AzureMountain as Arthur Dedher
and DragonBard as Julian Skinner

Jun 15, 2019

In this character-generation-focused prologue, our band of spacefarers have mid-life crises and discover the horrible truth of The Meat Incident.

Winged Cat as the Referee
Newbiespud as ???
DreadPriest as ???
AzureMountain as ???
and DragonBard as ???

Jun 8, 2019

Discoveries are made on the first floor of the dungeon, including the stairs to the second floor.

GreatDinn as the GM
Newbiespud as Usk
AvisEcho as Yuliy
DigoDragon as Victor
Space Jawa as Jhank
and Azure Mountain as Lander Brightwood