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Jun 30, 2020

The flying circus that our party calls home is once again haunted by a jester who refuses to stay dead.

Xencarn as the GM
Avis as Avy the tabaxi Bard
Digo as Ace the changeling Sorcerer
and Newbiespud as Gurug the half-orc Wizard

Jun 23, 2020

Our crew has a new mission, and a new ally, but first, they must dig into some very old business.

GreatDinn as the GM
Azure Mountain as Fynn the human Fighter
Avis as Mana Carabdis the human Warlock
Digo as Zuri the kobold Thief
Space Jawa as Yoga Stonesoul the half-orc Monk
and Swest as Beryl the halfling Bard

Jun 16, 2020

On the mythical plane of Theros, a group of traveling heroes hunt down a murderous beast that turns out to be far more dangerous than expected.

GreatDinn as the GM
Newbiespud as Teoz the leonin Fighter/Artificer
VerminQuest as Kalyssdra the triton Paladin
DreadPriest as Clopin the satyr Sorcerer/Warlock

Jun 9, 2020

The party might make it out of the clutches of the drow, but not without help.

GreatDinn as the GM
Newbiespud as Usk the bugbear Rogue
AvisEcho as Yuliy the tiefling Paladin
DigoDragon as Victor the human Druid
Space Jawa as Jhank the lizardfolk Ranger/Barbarian
and Azure Mountain as Lander Brightwood the...